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The Road Ahead

Acquaint is a P2P asset trading platform leveraging blockchain technology to provide an on-chain trading platform with real-time settlements.

Why create our own token ?

The Acquaint Token will be used within our platform to deploy listing, activate subscriptions and settlement of Asset Sales along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The implementation of our own token will facillitate near-zero cost settlements and flat 1% commissions compared to the traditional 5 - 7%.

A majority of the ICO proceeds will be used to fund property investments which will be listed for sale in our market place, further adressing price volatality by tieing our token to real world assets.

  • Q1 2017
  • Concept and Research 50+ development meetings with investors, prospective clients and general public intending to observe and assess business viability.
  • Q2 2017
  • Acquaint Whitepaper Alpha / Prototype / MVP.
  • Q1 2018
  • Crowdsale Process First stage of token sale to be offered on favorable terms, 25% Bonus.
  • April 2018
  • Closed Beta. QAT is listed at USA, Canada, Europe, Asia & Africa exchanges in preparation for public transactions.
  • Q2 2018
  • Public Launch. Official Launch and QAT trading pairs listed on more exchanges world-wide.
  • Q3 2018
  • Native Apps iOS, Android.
    Platform Refinements & Expansion.


"The Industry"

Currently, the space is dominated by central institutions
benefiting from documentation handling, SMART CONTRACTS are here
to put that money back in your pocket.

Average Listing Price
Amount Paid To Seller
Deeds Verification & Processing Fees[Third Party]
Blockchain Intergration Rules Out Need For Third Party.
  • $220 trillion
    Global Property Value
  • secure, time-efficient.
    smart contract backed transactions.
  • immutable records
    Decentralized Listing Data Storage Using IPFS. Transactional Data and Ownership Transfer Stored On The Blockchain..

Why Acquaint ?

Technological innovations of Acquaint deliver improved scalability, manufacturability and transparency as well as your security.
  • Smart ContractsThis is a self-executing algorithm that describbes a set of conditions stored on the blockchain, the implemanation of which entails real life events known to everyone. Transactions within ACQUAINT are backed with Smart Contracts for both buyer and seller protection.
  • Paperless Settlements In the manual world, documents registering your ownership are typically not lodged until weeks or sometimes months after settlement. With Acquaint, this happens instantaneously on the blockchain.
  • PlasmaWhile the Lightning Network was limited to work strictly for payments, Plasma extends the idea to more complex computations, like ethereum smart contracts.This ensures timely generation of deeds upon settlement.
  • Near zero cost settlements Why spend big to settle cheques ? Our utility asset backed token opens up instant global payments with minimal settlement fees.

What the Media is Saying

  • Applied to property, blockchain technology holds promise in several ways. In a blockchain-based ledger, records are time-stamped, as are subsequent changes to those records. This would allow enable people interested in a specific property to see and verify the date of past transactions. Forbes
  • The potential is great, especially for people in the informal economy to exploit the blockchain’s middleman-free way to exchange assets and information and its irrefutable public record that’s free from the control of any one central institution. CryptoCoinsNews
  • We see this to be a store of value, a distributed ledger. It’s a great place to put assets, especially in places like Argentina with 40 percent inflation, where $1 today is worth 60 cents in a year, and a government’s currency does not hold value. It’s also a good investment vehicle if you have a little appetite for risk Coindesk

Deploy a Listing

Listing a property on Acquaint is free. In fact, we will pay out some tokens to the first 1 million listings on our platform to have you familiarize yourself with our token. Instead of the usual 5-7 % commissions charged by traditional real esate agents, we will only charge a flat 1% commission fee on all transactions done with the Acquaint Token.

If you would like to List an Asset once the Acquaint Platform is live, please contact us.


After your listing is approved

  • Your listing will be included in the Acquiant directory mobile App (coming soon!)
  • If you are listing as a company, the listing will include your logo, company description and contact details
  • Payments from Asset Proceeds will be processed with our QAT Token along with popular cryptos.
  • The original ownership documents will be required to generate the initial smart contract backed title deeds under seller credentials.
  • An Acquaint logo will be provided for you to feature your listings on your website.

Token Sale

25% Bonus 9 000 QAT = 1 ETH

Register to join the public sale.


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  • Event
  • World Blockchain Summit

    Mar 22-23, 2018
    Nairobi, Kenya
    The conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of local and international speakers to discuss blockchain and cryptocurrency use cases, the regulatory environment, technology hurdles and opportunities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged using this technology in realizing value within Africa.
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  • yours alone

    Panashe Muzamhindo

    Panashe was ranked top student (IS Honours) in 2016 by Africa's best university, UCT and is a founding member of Acquaint. As the lead developer of the Acquaint Dashboard and Marketplace, Panashe focuses on incorporating the latest tech into the Acquaint ecosystem.

  • yours alone

    Adam Davies

    Adam is a software developer based in Victoria Falls who has a passion for blockchain technology. He has 7 years of managerial experience and is currently studying his MBA with ALUSB.

  • yours alone

    Kudzaishe Munangi

    Kudzaishe is a founding member of Acquaint with extensive interest in Blockchain industry. Managed and sold a number of residential properties. Product launch and marketing expert with deep knowledge of how to position and scale the product.

  • yours alone

    Pamela Paige
    Business Development

    Pamela is a real estate developer in New York City who specializes in connecting high-level commercial developers internationally. She also spent a decade in charge of staffing, marketing, and development for Team Enterprises and US Concepts.

  • yours alone

    Gary Hayward Maslin
    Cryptocurrecy Investor and Advisor

    An Angel investor and Blockchain-Bitcoin business developer since 2011. His primary interest lies in the logistics of marrying traditional assets with blockchain technology. He is a blockchain enthusiast advising startups and established companies on how to couple their brick existing businesses with the advantages of blockchain technology

  • yours alone

    Dr Richard Mukurumbira
    International Business Advisor

    Well-recognized in the Corporate Community of Investment in Australia.Highly qualified, executive with postgraduate "business, technology, banking and finance". Experience managing securities and commodity trading, financial markets regulatory , governance, risk and compliance (GRC), human capital development and trade facilitation.

  • yours alone

    Mari Luukkainen
    Marketing Consultant

    Mari is an experienced growth marketer. Combined 20 years of experience she’s been involved in growth of hundreds of clients and websites for over 10 years in affiliate marketing and another 10 years in consulting. She’s experienced in startup and crypto space in global growth companies like Paxful, Yousician and DealDash.

  • yours alone

    Ugo Nduaguba
    Investor Relations

    Ugo holds a BA in Economics (Rice University) and an MBA from the University of Houston. He has 10 year experience in project management, trading and financial analysis. Ugo recently left a fortune 500 company to trade and invest cryptocurrency fulltime. Ugo has found his niche in the crypto space after generating a 100x return from selling his car to invest in crypto. He helps new people become educated on token economics and investing. He also consults with new startups on ico structure and funding.

  • yours alone

    Michael Cox
    Real Estate Executive

    A 23 year Development Executive with professional experience throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and Australia. Possess core strengths in strategic leadership, visionary concepts and has executed a wide range of projects , demonstrating experience in management and operational strategy.

  • yours alone

    Avrohom Gottheil
    IoT Expert

    Avrohom helps business owners grow their companies faster through thought leadership. He's the CEO of New York based SimiPlex Technologies, LLC, where he leverages 20+ years in Telecom to provide strategic communications in an omni channel environment, for businesses in the IoT industry. He is a Top-ranked global IoT expert by

  • yours alone

    Itai Nave
    Real Estate Investments Advisor

    Itai's a Licensed Real Estate Agent with years of professional experience having started his career in Queens.Today, this passionate and devoted agent has spread his talent across NYC to areas such as Midtown, West Village, Tribeca, and Soho. His persistent dreams of advancement in Commercial Real Estate remain endless and he is determined to put his creativity and originality into this future.


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